Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cheers to a fresh start.

Hello! My name is Jennifer.

I am a 23 year old American girl living in the beautiful little city of Winchester, England. I've had passion for fashion since my preteen years and I'm happily exploring this love of mine while acquiring my Masters in Fashion Marketing and Branding. Here is where I'll be plotting my journey into the topsy turvy world of fashion and personal style. 

 My personal interests include thrifting and stretching that dollar as far as possible. I (very sadly)  only brought two large suitcases over from the States with me and this forced me to have faith in versatile pieces. My aim is to show how to personal style is about raw creativity, not just expensive designer clothing and the quantity of clothing in your closet.
I have much to learn about style, fashion, and the technical work behind it all, but I'd love to take you with me on this exploration. Blogging, photography, and web design are all new to me so I do apologise for the bare bones of my blogging platform at the moment. It should grow with my education. :)

Until next time,  

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  1. Hey girly! Glad u are doing well after High school! U were always too cute ;) I know u will do well with your determination :) Hope u are doing well in all life accomplishments!

    ~Blessed Be~
    Brittanie Ferris


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